National Cathedral School for Girls, 2006 (former Hearst School for Girls)

The Hearst School for Girls, later renamed the National Cathedral School for Girls (94)

3909 Woodley Road at corner of Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Constructed in 1899-1900

Phoebe Hearst, wife of Senator George Hearst and the mother of the newspaper owner, William Randolph Hearst, donated money for the Hearst School, a building now known as Hearst Hall of the National Cathedral School for Girls. Hearst was also a major donor to the University of California and was the first woman to serve on its board of regents.

The Hearst School Building Committee hired Robert W. Gibson of New York to design the building in a French Chateau style. Since Gibson could not be in Washington regularly, he wanted Cluss to oversee all aspects of the work. Cluss reported to Gibson, including his concerns about the general contractor's ability to get the work done on time. Cluss also did a study of the best sewer connection for the school. After consulting with the Army Corps of Engineers, including his friend, General John A. Wilson, Cluss sent maps to Gibson offering three alternatives.




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