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The Adolf Cluss Project

Transatlantic Project Partners

The following cultural institutions in Washington DC and Heilbronn have worked in partnership to plan and realize the Adolf Cluss exhibits and projects:

Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives Washington DC

German Historical Institute Washington DC

Goethe-Institut Washington DC

Historical Society of Washington / City Museum, Washington DC

Office of Architectural History and Historic Preservation, Smithsonian Institution Washington DC

Stadtarchiv Heilbronn

Numerous persons are involved with suggestions and work on the Adolf Cluss Project. Below follow only the names of those who are not working in one of the cultural institutions listed above.

Project Team Washington D.C.

Project Director Dr. Joseph Browne, Washington D.C.

Tanya Edwards Beauchamp, architectural historian, Great Falls, VA

Carolyn Cross, Washington D.C.

Verena Herrmann, Student at the FH Heilbronn

Charles Lancaster, sculptor, Washington D.C.

Harriet Lesser, exhibition curator, Washington D.C.

Prof. Dr. Alan Lessoff, Illinois State University

Project Team Heilbronn

The architecture firms: Bechler & Krummlauf, Herzog & Herzog, Mattes & Partner and Müller, Heilbronn

Dr. Regina Bormann, Beilstein

Manuel Carrara, Student on the Software Engineering Team, FH Heilbronn

Dr. Peter Cluss, Neckarsulm

Sarah Jane Dixon, Student (Major: Germanic and Slovic Studies), Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

Peer Friedel and the colleagues at Creativteam Friedel, Heilbronn

Prof. Dr. Angela Koch, FH Heilbronn (branch Künzelsau)

Heidi und Helmut Kopetzky, Fulda

Dr. Carolyn McConnell, Heilbronn

Rudolf and Marion de Millas, Mannheim

Ines Müller, Student at the BWL for Culture and Tourism Management, FH Heilbronn (branch Künzelsau)

Kate Pierce-McManamon, Fulbright Scholar (Research in Modern German History) at the Technical University of Dresden

Prof. Dr. Erika Spiegel, University of Heidelberg

Public administrators and workers in Heilbronn

Dr. Lothar Wieser, Mannheim

Prof. Dr. Jörg Winckler, FH Heilbronn



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