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On the occasion of the Adolf Cluss Project 2005: A special bottling of Heilbronn Lemberger, vintage 2004.

"Lemberger 2004" - Cluss Wine following the Tradition

When Heilbronn vintners pour a Cluss Wine in honor of Adolf Cluss in 2005, they follow the Cluss family tradition. Heinrich Cluss (1792 - 1857), Adolf Cluss's father, ran an intensive viniculture operation in addition to his construction business. Next to the family home in Klostergasse, he bought a cellar with extensive wine-making facilities.

In 1835 and 1836 he introduced and planted a heretofore unknown grape stock in the upper sandstone region of the Wartberg hill near Weinsberg. The grape vine, which originated in the Tauber River Valley, produced grapes said to be "big, sweet and red, the Suessroth. The Suessroth, also called Franke, ripens early and has blueblack, sweet and somewhat spicy fruit".

One of Heinrich Cluss's red wines won a prize at the 1846 Convention of German Wine and Fruit Producers in Heilbronn - a "Trollinger blended with Clevner's leftovers."

Adolf Cluss truly enjoyed his father's wines, as he wrote to Joseph Weydemeyer in 1854: "My old man (jack ass) never wrote me how much the little cask would hold. I only know that it is an excellent 1846 red wine from the Neckar Valley (the old man's own)."

Heilbronner Stiftsberg Lemberger 2004. Bottled by Genossenschaftskellerei Heilbronn-Erlenbach-Weinsberg. 0,75 l



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