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Samuel Carter Residence (41)

1316 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Constructed in 1878-79, demolished 1912

Samuel Carter was educated at the U. S. Naval Academy. From the border state of Tennessee, he fought for the Union side during the Civil War and was its only officer who, at different times, held the rank of both General and Admiral.

Martha Custis Williams Carter, a descendant of George Washingtons wife, Martha Custis, recorded her contacts with Cluss and Schulze during the planning of the house in her diary. On October 16, 1878, she wrote, "we went to see Mrs. Biddles house on Highland Terrace [see No. 44]. Mr. Cluss, the architect asked us to see it." Three days later, she noted, "went to the room of Mr. Cluss, the architect, to see him about making estimates for building our house. He talks intelligently about his business and his partner Mr. Schussele [Schulze] showed us some beautiful pen and ink drawings of his own, which are powerful." After another visit to Cluss lasting several hours, Martha Carter wrote, "Mr. Cluss seems to be a man of a good deal of executive ability." A week later, the Carters saw Cluss again about the roof design, which they did not like. "Mr. Schusele [Schulze] made an alternation which we liked better." After another week they visited Cluss again: "Talked about the house and engaged to have it built at once. Mr. Cluss has thus far been most satisfactory."

The residence for Samuel Carter stood next to Cluss's famous Phillips Row on Connecticut Avenue, South-East from Dupont Circle.




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