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Caroline Reiner, 1788-1854. The godmother of Adolf and sister of Heinrich Cluss was a successful businesswoman.

Entry into Life - the baptism of Adolf Cluss

Adolf Cluss was baptized in Heilbronn's St. Kilian's Lutheran Church on July 31, 1825. The baptismal font had been donated by his father honoring the 300th anniversary of the Reformation Day on October 31, 1817. Cluss's oldest sister Caroline was the baptismal font's first baptized child on November 20, 1817.

Cluss's godparents were his aunt and uncle, Caroline and Johann Ludwig Reiner. Caroline Reiner, Heinrich Cluss' sister, had founded a coffee, tobacco and grocery business with her husband. This successful firm was converted into a tobacco factory in 1820. After Reiner's death, his widow managed the factory. Heinrich Cluss was a partner in his sister's business.

Jakobine Roth, also named in the records of Cluss's baptism, was an unmarried relative of Adolf's mother. Her father was the mayor of the village of Neckargartach. She helped to run the Cluss family household, and in 1827, following the death of Adolf's mother, became the second wife of Heinrich Cluss and Adolf's stepmother.

Another godmather was Mrs Juliane Sumsser, called miller's wife of Grossbottwar.


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