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St. Paul
St. Paul's parish school and Sunday school building, 1940s

St. Paul
St. Paul's church (today St. Augustine's) and parish school building, 1940s

Chapel of St. Paul (6)

15th and V Streets, NW
Constructed in 1886, demolished in 1950

In 1886, Cluss designed a chapel and a school for a branch of St. Matthew's Catholic Church on on 15th and H Streets, NW (for which he had also planned St. Stephen's Church twenty years before). The building was called Chapel of St. Paul and was considered to be an interim solution until a new church could be built.

St. Paul's became an independent parish in 1889. It was a large Catholic parish, whose original membership was primarily of Irish and German descendent. In 1894, a large new church building was completed next to the Cluss building, which then became a parish school and Sunday school building.

The chapel designed by Cluss was red brick, based on the two-story plan that Cluss had employed in the 1860s for his first three churches, Foundry Methodist, Calvary Baptist, and St. Stephen's Roman Catholic. Cluss and his partner Paul Schulze used the Rundbogenstil that Cluss had often turned to in his career.

The Cluss building was demolished in 1950. St. Paul's parish was united with the African-American St. Augustine's Catholic parish in 1961 and renamed St. Augustine's in 1982.




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