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Lansburgh's Department Store and the Vogt building

Lansburgh's Department Store and the Vogt building, 1940s

John L. Vogt Store (10)

426 7th Street, NW
Constructed in 1884, demolished

John L. Vogt was born and grew up in Brettenfeld, Württemberg, Germany (about 50 miles / 80 km east of Cluss's hometown of Heilbronn) and was a leader in the German community in Washington.

He owned bakeries specializing in "cakes and fancy baking", one located at 429 7th Street, NW, also the Vogt family residence for many years, and another at 927 Pennsylvania Avenue. He employed many German immigrants and sponsored the immigration of relatives from Germany. Vogt invested in Washington real estate. Just across the street stood the Lansburgh Brothers department store designed by Cluss in 1882. In 1884, Vogt financed the building on 426 7th Street which Cluss designed in a way that it matched perfectly the design of the Lansburgh building. Vogt then rented 426 7th street to the Lansburgh Brothers as an extension of their department store.

Simon Wolf, German immigrant and the leader of the Jewish community in Washington, said of Vogt, a leader in the Concordia Lutheran Church: "He was one of those German-American immigrants who have added so much to the prosperity and greatness of this country... I doubt whether any man had died in this city more universally respected, honored and esteemed."




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