Naval Masonic Lodge (111)

5th Street and Virginia Avenue, SE
Existing building remodeled with additions in 1867, demolished

The members of Masonic Naval Lodge Number 4 purchased an existing building in Southeast Washington near the Navy Yard probably just after the Civil War. They commissioned Cluss and Kammerhueber to remodel the building and to add a third floor and an eight foot extension on the front of the building.

The third floor consisted of a large hall, "handsomely frescoed", exclusively for Masonic use. The second floor also contained a large hall for the use of "other societies." The ground floor was planned for public school use. Like most public school space in Washington, the city rented the ground floor. The architects, however, planned the space for school use, and promised it would be "the best in the city."

The Naval Lodge moved to their current location on Pennsylvania Ave and Fourth Street SE in 1895. They sold their old building to an African American Masonic Lodge.

Naval Lodge Number 4 was chartered in 1805 and remains in existence today.




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