Washington, DC, Arts and Industries Building - Alex van Oss produces a soundscape in front of the prominent Cluss building

Heilbronn, St. Kilian's Church - the Wurttemberg Chamber Orchestra plays Mendelsohn

Spaces, Music and Sounds of the 19th Century in Washington, DC and Heilbronn, Germany

The CD for the Cluss Exhibitions

Ten audio "soundscape" features evoke the atmosphere of Adolf Cluss's buildings and life.

Beginning with a rehearsal in St. Kilian's Church (Lutheran), near Cluss's birthplace in Heilbronn, the German portion of the CD presents buildings and music associated with Cluss's family, friends, and associates. These include a work by composer Hugo Wolf, songs of the revolutionary German "Turner" movement, and music of the failed 1848 revolution.

In Washington, D.C. the soundscapes explore such distinctive Cluss buildings as the National Museum (the Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building), Calvary Baptist Church, the Masonic Temple, Eastern Market, and Sumner and Franklin Schools.

Through music and ambience, each soundscape reflects the present and also takes listeners back in time-to 19th-century Germany, for example, or to President James Garfield's inauguration ball, or to the classroom of an early American public school.

Published by the Stadtarchiv Heilbronn

German features produced by Helmut Kopetzky, a prominent freelance radio and television producer, and a staff editor at German public radio (Radio Berlin-Brandenburg).

United States features produced by Alex van Oss, who has worked with NPR, theater director Peter Sellars, and broadcasters overseas.

Orders: stadtarchiv[at]stadt-heilbronn.de

Price: 9 EUR


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